Tips for career selection


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Career selection for most might seem difficult owing to the peculiar nature of education in Nigeria. Parental decision, economic factors, etc are determinants of what career one eventually pursue.

In this post, I will begin a series of career talk to aid those whose paths in career are not well defined.

If there is one singular advice I have for students with regards to career selection is this: FOLLOW YOUR PASSION.

Ralph Walder Emerson said “don’t go where the path may lead go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. Our purpose is connected with our potentials as well as our intrinsic value. Thus, it is imperative to find time to calmly reflect on these as Donald Trump did posit “ you have to tune out to tune in to discover your intrinsic value”.
But following your passion doesn’t come by easily, it takes a series of discovery, there are significant steps to follow to get it right in your career.

By way of definition, Career refers to one’s calling in life that is one’s occupation or profession. Career then refers to productive activities which involves cognitive capacity and physical engagement geared towards economic benefits.

In common parlance, career is Work-chop, i.e., ” where a man works that’s where he will eat”.

The importance of making a timely decision about your career cannot be over emphasized; wrong career choice is like an albatross that never goes away-the memory and remembrance of such mistake hunts the individual till the end of life. It is evident that many after graduating from school and are gainfully employed yet are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Our intrinsic worth is linked psychologically with our productivity. Productivity is linked with our career or job and so it is imperative get it right.

Thus, it is crucial that such important decision be made correctly from the onset.

Just how important then is making this decision?

• Saves time: Time is life, it is crucial decisions relating to career be made on time especially before leaving high school.

• Saves resources, wastage is inevitable when decisions are made late.

• Enables you maximize your potentials: discovering your career path on time enables achieve greatness at an accelerated speed. It affords you the opportunity of maximizing your potentials.
• The lack of it can breed frustration and disappointment in life


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