IJMB: Better than JAMB, ND and NCE

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Over the years, many students scamper for admission in their thousands in topnotch universities across the length and breadth of the country with many having to wait couple of years before gaining admission.

What may have been a good option for many students turns out at the end of the day to be a complete waste of time and resources. This ought not to be especially when armed with the right knowledge. That forms the purpose of this article.

Are you settling for less with these alternatives?

In this post, I intend to draw a contrast between Advanced level program IJMB and other programs usually offered as an alternative to student who weren’t offered admission into the institution of their choice or were denied the course they so desired to study.

These alternatives are not oblivious as every day students are cramped with advertisement concerning these programs. They include polytechnics, colleges of education and other sub-programs including diploma courses which in the end don’t help students achieve their dreams.

IJMB: Better than JAMB

In the first instance, IJMB is far rated above JAMB for the reasons I will state below. It is important that you make up your mind on time to get registered for IJMB rather than waiting for yet another year to write JAMB.

  • JAMB results have a validity period of just one year while IJMB lasts for a lifetime. This is quite fundamental and cost effective rather than spend several months studying for an exam and paying not less than six thousand naira for registration only to return the following year to rewrite the exam when not offered admission, registering and writing IJMB will make admission easier and more so it will last for a lifetime.
    • JAMB can only guarantee you admission into 100 level in the university on the other hand, IJMB, an advanced level program will enable you gain admission directly into 200 level to study the course of your choice.
    • JAMB is just an entrance examination for application into the school of your choice; IJMB instead is a program that prepares you for university life academically and otherwise.
    • Lastly, the chances of securing admission into school via JAMB is declining over the years as students score low in this exam, universities are forced to grant admission to students from advanced level programs like IJMB, JUPEB and Diploma.

IJMB is cost effective compared to NCE and ND programs

Time is money! I am sure you have heard that on several occasions. That is true even in education as it regards to admission.

Enrolling for programs such as the NCE and ND in place of JAMB especially after being turned down by the institution or seeking for a safe landing, most students then settle for courses in polytechnic and colleges of education.

  •  IJMB is rather a credible alternative compared to these programs especially for reasons below:
  • IJMB saves time, rather than the conventional 3-4 years of studying a particular course in polytechnic, IJMB program lasts for just 9 months.
  • IJMB also saves cost compared to other programs. When you calculate the amount of money spent for ND and NCE programs at the end of the academic calendar, you shockingly realize it is nothing compared to IJMB fee.
  • IJMB admission is guaranteed as it accepted widely across the federation for other programs, many students are usually scared of applying to other schools outside their zone because of the fear of being turned down, simply put, there is no national consideration for most polytechnics and colleges of education.

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