IJMB: Better than JAMB and other programs

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IJMB remains a preferable option for admission compared to programs like JAMB, NCE, ND, amongst others as will be examined below.

The history of IJMB is packed with vital information that may interest you. You can read more to gain a background understanding of the essence the program was set up initially.

IJMB was setup fundamentally to solve the lingering admission issues faced by thousands of students nationwide. It competes favourably with the already established UTME as well as other programs whose offers as no way near that of IJMB in terms of helping students reach their potentials in life.

IJMB Edge over JAMB

  • IJMB unlike JAMB doesn’t expire and can be used over again
  • JAMB takes you to 100 level in university, IJMB takes you directly into 200 level
  • JAMB is just an exam, IJMB is rather a program that is Advanced
  • JAMB remains at the preliminary stage, IJMB gives students a taste of higher institution
  • Chances of passing JAMB may be under probability, on the contrary passing IJMB is of certainty




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