Career Counseling: Practical Steps for Career Selection

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Last time I examined the importance of choosing a career path on time. In this article I will examine the most important factor for Career selection that is Self -Discovery.









The fundamentals of Self Discovery

One of the cardinal principles I believe is instrumental for living a fulfilling life which is not unconnected with one’s career is that of SELF-DISCOVERY. Several biographies of successful individuals point to this important fact, be it in career/profession, entrepreneurship amongst others.

The story of a popular neurosurgeon in America illustrates this, what we can refer to as a turning point in his life-Ben Carson: Ben, aged 8 years in church with his mom that day got engrossed in the pastor’s story about a missionary doctor and wife who escaped a band of robbers. With eyes wide open, he thought of himself as part of the story.

On their way home, along with his brother and mom, Ben voiced his ambition of becoming a missionary doctor. “Yes you can be ask the good Lord and he will do it for you” his Mother replied. Ben got captivated by the story and related with it, he had found his interest. Ben later became the famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson who divided successfully separated the Siamese twins.

Self-discovery entails examining our gifts, talents and potential.

Our interest in life is a strong indication of what we might be. When we were much younger, we innocently enjoyed certain things, but as we grew up, we cast those things aside as mere childhood dreams not knowing they were indicators of our future. Whatsoever drives us and we can sacrifice pleasure for is something to take note of.

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Although we are multi-interests individuals, yet certain interest stands out-they sort of drive us and we become passionate all of a sudden. Gift, talents, potentials all speak of a natural endowment by God for a purpose i.e. to accomplish his plan. Discovering our talents-latent potential, is a door way to understanding our purpose and consequently making the most of life.

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Passion when channeled towards talent leads to cultivation which enhances usefulness. Talent cultivated fuels passion and passion when channeled in the will of God brings hope and solution to man’s problem. We were created to be solution providers seeing there are a lot of needs all around us. The need around us will stimulate a drive in order to birth solution. Talents need to be stimulated and needs around us does that.



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